MSA40108 Certificate IV in Manufacturing Technology

  • National code: MSA40108
  • Manufacturing and Engineering

This qualification is suitable for delivery as part of a two year Technology Cadetship, or can be undertaken through an Australian Apprenticeship arrangement.

This qualification has five specialist streams available:


+ Manufacturing Operations

+ Laboratory Operations

+ Technical Officer

+ Polymer Technology



Duration: 6 – 24 months*

*Duration may vary depending on learner's circumstances and previous experience.

4 Core Units + 12 Elective Units

Employability Skill Industry /enterprise requirements for this qualification include :
Communication+ Complete workplace documentation and records
+ Use communication technologies efficiently
+ Develop work instructions, specifications and procedures
+ Demonstrate effective and appropriate communication and interpersonal skills when dealing with people from NESB
+ Communicate with all team members
+ Demonstrate effective and appropriate communication and interpersonal skills when dealing with clients
+ Use most appropriate communication method given priority, cost and customer facilities
+ Access, interpret and apply technical information
Teamwork+ Work cooperatively with people of different ages, gender, race or religion
+ Liaise with and provide support to other team members
+ Work as part of a team
+ Identify and manage performance required to rneet internal and external customer needs in own work and team
+ Manage technical processes and provide problem solving support to others
Problem-solving+ Investigate problem causes
+ Identify, rectify or report potential difficulties associated with manufacture of products or provision of services
+ Identify environmental features, regulations, insurance requirements, legal requirements and other factors which may affect the product or service to be provided
+ Use material and process knowledge to solve problems
+ Identify hazards and suggest control measures
+ Determine production requirements
+ Conduct tests and analyse results to determine and assess production requirements
Initiative and enterprise+ Seek feedback on products, processes and procedures
+ Gather and analyse information and apply to work related processes
+ Record information on the quality and other indicators of products
+ Support achievement of efficient production processes
+ Determine and act on situations requiring further information or problem solving
Planning and organising+ Identify hazards and implement appropriate hazard control measures
+ Demonstrate time management skills
+ Source and prepare materials and resources
+ Sequence work to maximise safety and productivity
Self-management+ Interpret and apply relevant acts and regulations
+ Keep the work area clean and tidy at all times
+ Monitor own work and work of team and identify and act on any quality issues
+ Understand own work activities
+ Manage own time to meet deadlines
+ Implement workplace procedures and instructions
Learning+ Implement learning activities as appropriate to ensure achievement of specified production requirements
+ Assess competencies in meeting job requirements
+ Be supportive, assertive and use interpersonal skills
+ Identify own training needs and seek skill development if required
+ Gather feedback to own work to assess effectiveness in meeting objectives and integrate information into own practice
Technology+ Use computer software applications effectively
+ Work with technology safely and according to workplace standards
+ Help others use technology efficiently and safely
+ Use testing technology

Career Pathways:

  • Drafting Technical Assistant
  • Laboratory Technician (Manufacturing)
  • Manufacturing Operations Technical Assistant
  • Manufacturing Process Team Leader
  • Polymer Technician
  • Quality Assurance Officer (Manufacturing)

Further Training Pathways:

  • MSA50108 – Diploma of Manufacturing Technology

RPL may be available for candidates with previous industry experience.