RII30815 Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations

  • National code: RII30815
  • Construction & Civil
  • Workplace training

This qualification reflects the role of a skilled operator working with Civil construction plant, who applies a broad range of skills in a varied work context, using some discretion and judgement and relevant theoretical knowledge. The individual may provide theoretical advice and support a team.

Duration: 12-24 months

*Duration may vary depending on learner's circumstances and previous experience.

14 Core Units + 5 Elective Units

Career Pathways:

  • Backhoe Operator
  • Bogger Operator
  • Bulldozer Operator
  • Dozer Operator (Mining and Extractive Industries)
  • Earthmoving Plant Operator
  • Excavator Operator (Civil Construction)
  • Excavator Operator (Mining and Extractive Industries)
  • Excavator Operator (Mining)
  • Face Loader Operator
  • Front-end Loader Operator
  • Grader Operator (Civil Construction)
  • Grader Operator (Extractive Industries)
  • Grader Operator (Mining)
  • Haul Truck Operator (Extractive Industries)
  • Haul Truck Operator (Mining)
  • Inbye and Outbye Operator
  • Mobile Plant Operator (Extractive Industries)
  • Pipelayer Operator
  • Plant Service and Maintenance Operator (Quarry)
  • Quarry Equipment Operator
  • Quarry Mobile Equipment Operator
  • Quarry Processing Plant Operator
  • Sales Loader Operator
  • Scraper Operator (Civil Construction)
  • Scraper Operator (Extractive Industries)
  • Scraper Operator (Mining)
  • Shotfirer
  • Shotfirer’s Assistant
  • Water Cart Operator

RPL may be available for candidates with previous industry experience.