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Standard Course 2 Days

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Standard Course

2 Days

Group, Corporate and/or On-Site training bookings can be scheduled to suit your time table. Please contact our office for a quote on course cost.
Standard Course

2 Days

Group, Corporate and/or On-Site training bookings can be scheduled to suit your time table. Please contact our office for a quote on course cost.

Course Overview

This course has been prepared to build on the concepts of process dynamics explored in our Process Control course. This course gives a practical introduction to the application of advanced control from the standpoint of modelling process dynamics and selecting an appropriate advanced control technique to reflect the process dynamics.

It is an intensive course which relies heavily on the use of many computer simulation practical examples to explore advanced control strategies. The course runs as a two day course assuming the important fundamentals of process dynamics are understood. A three day course to including the fundamentals of process dynamics can be provided. The course explores some of the advanced classical methods and techniques through hands-on testing of algorithm performance.

Payment Options

Full payment for courses up to $1,500 must be made before the commencement of the course. For courses that cost over $1,500, Site Skills Training will hold an initial deposit of $1,500, with the balance to be paid upon commencement of the course.

Payment can be made via eftpos, cash or cheque. For billing information including who to write a cheque to, please email or call 1300 700 080.

Course Outcomes

Upon Successful completion of Advanced Process Control, participants will receive a Statement of attendance.

Building on a thorough understanding of the basics of control, each participant will be introduced to the continuation of our concept of the ‘control toolkit’ such that they understand and can apply the appropriate advanced control technique where basic control can’t cope with complex process dynamics and interaction.

At the end of the course delegates will be able to collect and analyse more complicated process data. Importantly, they will understand the ongoing demands of model based control techniques, and hence understand why model based control, whilst technically interesting, is useless without solid regulatory control as a basis. They will understand non-linear behaviour and be able to apply adaptive control techniques to compensate, as well as an appreciation of how to control non-self regulating processes.

Delegates will be able to apply model based feed forward techniques to decouple control interactions. Participants will also be able to be able to design and tune model based techniques such as the smith predictor control system, Dynamic Matrix Control and other multi variable Model Predictive Control techniques.

Key Competencies


  • Avoiding Model Based Control
  • Advanced Understanding of Process Dynamics
  • Model Based Control

Demystifying Theory:

  • Non Linear Behaviour
  • Integrating Processes

Control Dynamics:

  • Impact of Dead Time
  • Smith Predictor

Programming Controllers:

  • Choice of Algorithms, Different forms of PID, Adaptive, Error Squared
  • Anti-Reset Wind Up
  • Bumpless Transfer

Classic Models:

  • Rykamps, 3 Element

Multivariable Control:

  • Interaction
  • Decoupling

Feed forward Control:

  • Model Based


  • DMC
  • MIMO

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