Hazardous Areas Training

Our Hazardous Areas (EEHA) training has been designed to meet the highly specialised competencies required when inspecting, maintaining and installing Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas. This includes competencies relating to gas, dust and pressurisations.

A list of the Hazardous Area courses that Site Skills Training offers are outlined below.

HV Switching Stage 2

This nationally recognised HV Switching Stage 2 course aims to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to perform the duties of an authorised High Voltage Switching Coordinator. It covers the following topics: ? Legislation and standards ?Electrical hazards and risk management ?Safety procedures and personal protective equipment ?Requirements for working in a high voltage area, including safe approach distances ?Precautions that must be taken when performing high voltage switching ?Switching program writing and coordination ?Permit procedures

HV Switiching Stage 1

This nationally recognised HV Switiching Stage 1 course aims to provide participants with the fundamental knowledge and skills required to undertake the operation of high voltage switching. Our High Voltage Switching Operations course provides participants with the qualification required to perform the role of an authorised High Voltage Switching Operator.

Certificate II in Resources & Infrastructure (Drilling & Workover Stream)

This qualification reflects the roles of individuals who perform routine tasks and procedures, using practical skills and fundamental operational knowledge, to take responsibility for the quality of work outcomes. This RII20115 Certificate II in Resources and Infrastructure (Drilling & Workover Stream) is a pathway qualification and will prepare individuals to successfully undertake a sector specific training package or other relevant Certificate III level qualifications. Please note this course covers all the Safer Together Common Industry Competencies (CIC).

UEE42611 Certificate IV in Hazardous Areas – Electrical

This qualification provides competencies to supervise selection, installation, commissioning maintenance and testing of explosion-protected equipment and systems for control and monitoring of plant and processes. The qualification provides competencies in working with explosion protection techniques with elections in how they apply to coal mining, gas and dust atmospheres. It includes ERAC requirements for an ‘Electrician’s licence’ and competencies to select, install, set up, test, fault find, repair and maintain stand alone renewable energy equipment and systems.

Hazardous Areas (EEHA) Installation, Maintenance and Detailed Inspection Training

The Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas Installation, Maintenance and Detailed Inspection course (ID 2670) is designed to provide candidates with the necessary knowledge and skills to install, maintain and inspect electrical equipment in hazardous areas.

The course covers:

  • Attend to Breakdowns in Hazardous Areas
  • Install Explosion-Protected Equipment and Wiring Systems
  • Maintain Equipment in Hazardous Areas
  • Conduct testing of hazardous areas installations
  • Conduct visual inspection of hazardous areas installations
  • Conduct detailed inspection of hazardous areas installations
  • Report on the Integrity of Explosion - Protected Equipment in Hazardous Areas

The course covers both theory and practical assessment; including Ex methods of protection: Ex e, Ex d, Ex n, Ex m, Ex i, Ex tD, Ex o, Ex q, Ex p, Ex s, Ex v, Ex pD, Ex iD, Ex mD

Hazardous Areas (EEHA) Awareness Training

The Hazardous Area Awareness course (ID 782) introduces trainees to the concept of hazardous areas, zone classifications, temperature classes, the methods used to minimise the risk of explosions, and the selection, installation and maintenance requirements for electrical equipment in these areas.

Hazardous Areas (EEHA) Refresher Training

This refresher course (ID 2736) is intended for licenced Australian electricians who are required to attend a refresher program for hazardous area competencies already gained. The refresher program is intended to bring current Australian licenced electricians who have been previously trained in hazardous areas up to date on any changes to hazardous area standards and legislation.

It is recommended that electricians attend a refresher course for relevant hazardous area competencies no less than every three years.

Managing Hazardous Substances Training

Chemicals are used extensively in workplaces. Many products such as paint, plastics, adhesives, detergents, and pharmaceuticals are derived from chemicals, some of which could potentially be harmful. However, for many toxic chemicals, the health effects may take a long period of time to develop.

If you take a look around your workplace, or even your home, you may be surprised at how many substances are present which are classified as hazardous and have the potential to affect your health or the health of those around you.

Managing Hazardous Substances teaches you how to identify hazardous substances at the workplace and the typical control measures that you need to implement to manage these risks.

Your ability to identify Hazardous Substances and following the correct safety procedures will reduce potential risks and hazards.

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