Horticulture Training

Horticulture Training equipment's participants with the skills and knowledge to thoroughly undertake a variety of tasks they could expect to do within the horticulture and agriculture industries.

A list of the Horticulture courses that Site Skills Training offers are outlined below.

Weed and Seed Training

The one day Weed and Seed course covers skills required to inspect and clean machinery of material that may contribute to the spread of weeds, pests or diseases. Examine different areas on machinery and equipment, record and issues that pose a risk, dispose of waste and infected material or weeds. This unit applies to workers who are responsible for inspecting and cleaning machinery that is being moved form one location to another to ensure that soil borne pathogens and weeds are not relocated to new sites. It is carried out under routine supervision within enterprise guidelines.

Operate Tractors

This course provides participants with relevant and comprehensive training in order to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to operate a tractor with or without attached equipment. Participants are required to carry out pre-start and post-start checks of a tractor and demonstrate operating techniques in accordance with Workplace Health and Safety legislative requirements and standards.

ACDC - Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control Training

This course includes the theoretical and practical components of three (3) units of competency chosen by the Department of Primary industries to meet skills and knowledge required to be able to apply to hold an ACDC unrestricted Licence. This course consists of three (3) units of competency that make up the skill group that includes the skills and knowledge to identify and apply and reporting control weeds methods; hazard and risk management; prepare, apply and safely use chemicals; calibration; MSDS use; chemical records; and spray plans; transportation, chemical management and storage.