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VC-05 Leadership Proactive Safety
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Online Leadership: Being Proactive in Safety Availability


1 HR | $39

This course is delivered using Tempus. Inclusive of GST if relevant.

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1 HR | $39

This course is delivered using Tempus. Inclusive of GST if relevant.

Course Overview

The Leadership: Being Proactive in Safety course hopes to improve your attitude and even your team’s attitude towards accountability in everyone’s safety. It discusses safety concepts and what your participation can be in achieving a safe workplace.

Course Delivery

This course is delivered using Tempus - Site Skills Training Online Learning platform.

Key Competencies

The topics discussed in this course include:

  • Key attitudes to safety
  • The hierarchy of risk control
  • Leading by example
  • The chain of safety leadership; and
  • The formal process

Qualification Outcomes

Upon successful completion, participants will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion. This can be downloaded, saved and printed. A Certificate of Completion should not be mistaken for a Statement of Attainment.

This online course is not nationally recognised, but it provides a solid understanding of the knowledge and principles of leadership in safety at work.

Suitable For

People involved in any work environment. Recommended as an induction course for general workplace safety.

Prerequisite Information

Candidates need to have the appropriate levels of English proficiency, literacy, and numeracy to be able to complete this course and all the assessments successfully.

Further Information

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Payment Options

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