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2 Hours | $165

This course is delivered using Tempus. Inclusive of GST if relevant.

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2 Hours | $165

This course is delivered using Tempus. Inclusive of GST if relevant.

Course Overview

The National Construction Code Volumes training provides candidates with Volumes 1, 2, and 3 of the NCC, providing candidates with 6 CPD points after successful completion.

The NCC provides the minimum necessary requirements for safety, health and sustainability in the design and construction of new buildings (and new building work in existing buildings) throughout Australia.

Volume 1 provides candidates the foundation for the NCC including commercial, industrial and multi-residential buildings, Volume 2 pertains to class 1 and 10 building comprising of houses, sheds and carports, and Volume 3 addresses plumbing and drainage within buildings.

Payment Options

Full payment for courses up to $1,500 must be made before the commencement of the course unless the Payment Plan option is selected. For courses that cost over $1,500, Site Skills Training will hold an initial deposit of $1,500. The balance of fees payable will be charged at a point in the course that is proportionate to the amount of the deposit paid, e.g. a 10-day course costing $3,000, the remaining $1,500 will be charged at the end of day 5 (upon completion of 50% of the course).

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Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion, participants will be awarded with 6 CPD points and a Statement of Completion.

Further Information

Are you interested in National Construction Code (NCC) Volumes? For more information about the course or how to apply, email or call 1300 580 466

Suitable For

National Construction Code (NCC) Volumes is aimed at anyone who works on a construction site, whether commercial, industrial or residential and covers a wide range of topics for tasks undertaken in maintenance and building.

Course Delivery

National Construction Code (NCC) Volumes is delivered using Tempus - Site Skills Training Online Learning platform.

Key Competencies

NCC Volume One (2 CPD points):

Volume One of the NCC course will provide you with a good working knowledge of NCC Volume One, its structure, and an overview of Sections A to J.

  • Introduction to the NCC
  • NCC Volume 1: Overview
  • Sections A to J
  • NCC Volume 1: Variations and Additions
  • Course Summary

NCC Volume Two (2 CPD points):

Volume Two of the NCC will provide you with a good working knowledge of NCC Volume Two, its structure, and an overview of its Sections and Parts.

  • Introduction to the NCC
  • NCC Volume 2: Overview
  • NCC Volume 2, Section 1: General Requirements
  • NCC Volume 2, Section 2: Performance Provisions
  • NCC Volume 2, Section 3: Acceptable Construction Provisions
  • NCC Volume 2: Variations and Additions
  • Course Summary

Volume Three (2 CPD points):

Volume Three of the NCC will provide you with knowledge of how to apply NCC Volume Three, its Performance Requirements, structure, and an overview of its Sections and Parts.

  • NCC Volume 3: Content Summary
  • NCC Volume 3: Performance Requirements
  • NCC Volume 3: Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions
  • NCC Volume 3: Alternative Solutions
  • Course Summary

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Frequently Asked Questions

I viewed the module from start to finish, but it wasn’t marked as complete.

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What is Tempus?

Tempus is Site Skills Training Learning Management System (LMS), designed to deliver and manage your courses online.

How do I enrol?

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How does Online Learning work?

In online learning, course materials are presented and delivered from the internet and are accessible via computer, tablet or handheld devices. Upon successful application to the course you will receive a username and a password in your email address which will be used to log in to our Learning Management System (Tempus). Courses are presented in various multimedia formats (Audio, video and graphical slides) to enhance your learning experience. It will also include quizzes that need to be passed for you to complete the course. Once the course has been completed you will then be able to download your certificate.

What are modules?

For easy and faster consumption of information, the course is broken up into modules. Each module is designed to cover a specific topic/s. You have to complete all modules included in the course to pass it.

Do I have to complete all the modules?

You are not able to skip modules. Students need to reach the very end of modules to mark it as completed. This makes sure you have all the information you need for the assessments.

How long do I have to complete the course?

After Enrolling you will be able to access the course for one month. It’s best that you get stuck into the course as soon as possible.

What happens if I don’t complete the course before expiry?

If you don’t complete the course in one month you will need to purchase the course again.

How am I assessed?

You will be assessed by answering Quizzes. These can be at the end of a module or at the conclusion of each program, so be ready!

Which devices can I use to access online courses?

These courses are able to work with any web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.) and on any device (PC, laptop, tablet, phone). It is advisable to have an ADSL connection speed. For cellular phones, 3G is the minimum connection speed, and 4G is for optimum use. If the course still doesn’t work, contact our technical support.

Do I have to complete the course all at once?

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How many attempts will I have at the quiz questions?

This depends on the course. Most courses allow you multiple attempts at the quiz questions however some courses do have restrictions on the number of quiz attempts for compliance reasons.

Do I receive a copy of the NCC volumes?

A copy of the NCC  can be downloaded free of charge from

Who needs to be aware of the NCC?

If you’re working in construction, mining or undertaking maintenance to buildings you need to be aware of the NCC requirements.

What are CPD points?

CPD points are Continuous Professional Development credit points that are earned through professional development courses. Builders must earn 12 CPD points each year to maintain their builders licence – even if they are not using it or have a licence which does not expire for 3 years.

How many modules does NCC Volumes training consist of?

NCC Volumes training has 7 modules.

How long on average does NCC Volumes training take to complete?

NCC Volumes has an estimated total duration of 1.5 hours.

What do I do after viewing modules and quizzes?

After viewing modules and answering quizzes, make sure to click the “Exit Activity” button instead of just closing the tab.

This button is a safer way of closing course activities and ensures that your course progress is saved.

What do I need?

It is always helpful to have pen and paper to take notes during the program.

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