Fees include:

  • Facility and program orientations
  • Programmed Classes
  • Course Materials, Training and Assessment Materials
  • 1 copy of Qualification or Certification achieved following a successful outcome
  • 1 x wallet card for nominated courses as per course outline (as required)

Additional costs not included:

  • Travel to and from location of training
  • Travel to and from vocational placement facilities (if applicable) 
  • Daily living expenses
  • Stationery (books, pens, photocopying etc.)
  • Applicable textbooks
  • Re-attendance of classes (if deemed not competent after second attempt)
  • Recognition of Prior Learning application (if applicable)
  • Replacement study guides or training and assessment materials
  • Uniform/PPE requirements (i.e.: footwear, trousers, hardhat, hearing protection etc.) unless outlined as provided in course information pack
  • Replacement or copies of certificates
  • Licence applications may apply (if applicable)
  • GST may be applicable if the service does not fall under Subdivision 38-C of the GST act (1999) where applicable to items listed above

Course fees will be invoiced upon the confirmation of enrolment. Terms of payment will be included on the invoice. Any amendments to the terms of payment stated on the invoice after its issuance must be approved by the respective Operations Manager upon course commencement.

Students who elect to make payment for courses utilising the Debit Success Payment Plan should also refer to their contract with Debit Success for further information

If students are experiencing financial difficulties and might be unable to pay their fees, they must contact the respective Operations Manager as soon as practical.  Site Skills Training reserves the right to suspend a student's enrolment in the program when fees remain unpaid and will follow legal processes for monies outstanding.  Suspension of enrolment will include the removal from all courses, services and placement opportunities.

All fees must be fully paid prior to the issuance of Qualifications and / or Statements of Attainment.  

It should be noted that Site Skills Training does not accept pre-course payments in excess of $1500.  These requirements do not apply when an employer engages Site Skills Training to provide training and/or assessment to its staff.

During industry/work placement arrangements (required for specific courses) students will not be paid.


Resit Fees

  • In the event that a student has been deemed not satisfactory in an assessment they will be given the opportunity to resubmit or resit the assessment once at no charge. Legislative or regulatory changes may result in there being a time period before the student can resist (please consult your trainer regarding this timeframe, generally 21-60 days). The resit date will be scheduled at the discretion of Site.
  • Further resits will occur at the sole discretion of the trainer and Operations Manager and an additional fee may apply.
  • Should the Student miss an assessment due to illness or other extenuating circumstances they can resit / resubmit at no charge if a medical certificate is provided. This will be scheduled at the discretion of Site.