High Risk Licencing Process

High Risk Licencing Process QLD
High Risk Licencing in Queensland is regulated by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ). WHSQ accredits High Risk Assessors to complete mandated assessments on their behalf. To sit a mandated assessment a participant must have completed formal and informal training. The formal training consists of class work and practical training during your course at Site Skills Training. Informal learning or workplace learning involves training by a licenced operator in a workplace environment. This information is documented in your log book (issued by Site Skills Training) and includes information such as; type of work performed, type of plant utilised, dates, supervisor licence number. You will be given the opportunity to complete this informal learning during your training course under the supervision of one of our licenced operators. If you have evidence of previous experience (employer reference letter, logged hours or other evidence of prior experience) you should bring this with you as it may contribute to your informal learning requirements. At the end of your course, your trainer will determine if you have demonstrated competence through the formal and informal learning process. If successful, you will complete a mandated high risk assessment at the completion of your course. This assessment involves theory and practical. For further information please call one of our facilities or visit: http://www.deir.qld.gov.au/workplace/licensingregistrations/training/plans/logbook/index.htm#.UmcSZ_lmiSo If you pass the WHSQ Mandated Assessment conducted by one of our accredited assessors you will be issued a Statement of Attainment and Assessment Summary (AS1) Form. To obtain the High Risk Licence you must submit an application form (Licence to perform high risk work new or additional class application - F1) to Australia Post in person, within 60 days of successfully completing the Assessment.   To complete the application you will be required to have the following:
  • An original completed F1 form
  • The assessment summary (AS1)
  • Any current HRW licences
  • Proof of identification documents (originals) totalling at least 100 points
  • Passport-sized current photo
  • The application fee (Currently $79.70)
  Once the submission has been made you should expect your High Risk Licence in the mail in approximately 1-3 weeks.   Site Skills Training delivers the following High Risk Licence Courses which require Log books in Queensland:  
Dogging - Gladstone | Sunshine Coast Mobile Slewing Crane up to 20t - Gladstone | Sunshine Coast
Elevating Work Platform - Gladstone | Sunshine Coast Mobile Slewing Crane up to 60t - Gladstone | Sunshine Coast
Forklift Training - Gladstone | Sunshine Coast Mobile Slewing Crane up to 100t - Gladstone | Sunshine Coast
Basic Rigging - Gladstone | Sunshine Coast Mobile Slewing Crane over 100t - Gladstone | Sunshine Coast
Intermediate Rigging - Gladstone | Sunshine Coast Tower Crane - Gladstone | Sunshine Coast
Advanced Rigging - Gladstone | Sunshine Coast Non Slewing Crane - Gladstone | Sunshine Coast
Basic Scaffolding - Gladstone | Sunshine Coast Vehicle Loading Crane - Gladstone | Sunshine Coast
Intermediate Scaffolding - Gladstone | Sunshine Coast Safe Erecting Tower Crane - Sunshine Coast
Advanced Scaffolding - Gladstone | Sunshine Coast