Site Skills Training West Brisbane

Site Skills Training West Brisbane

Site Skills Training West Brisbane Is Here.
This New Facility Is Replacing Our Brisbane (Logan) Facility.

Conveniently positioned near the convergence of the M2, M5 & M7, the West Brisbane Facility provides easy access to a wide range of students, only 30 minutes from Brisbane’s CBD and less than 15 minutes from Ipswich the West Brisbane Facility is positioned to service Ipswich and all of the South West Brisbane area.

This flagship facility is equipped with modern classrooms, equipment, a massive warehouse training area and a large outdoor hardstand area. At Site Skill Training West Brisbane we offer a range of short courses, high risk licences, qualifications and more.

All our West Brisbane trainers are industry professionals, delivering the highest standard of training to ensure students are prepared for the workforce.

If you're looking to secure a course booking (from August 31st) or have questions about the facility move from Logan please contact us here.

The new West Brisbane Facilty will be located at: 55 Mica Street, Carole Park, 4300, Qld.


The safety of our students and staff is our main priority. Our facilities are following government directives and regulations to ensure that students and staff can train safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. For additional information please review our COVID-19 Response and COVID-19 Attendance Directive.

West Brisbane FACILITY