Site Skills Training's prE-Learning™ courses are online-based pre-courses that can be optionally taken with any High Risk Work course. It is a convenient, mobile and fast way to gain the necessary knowledge to perform the work safely and efficiently.

Keep in mind though that prE-Learning™ modules are not stand-alone courses. Instead, they are optional modules that can be taken with any High Risk Courses (e.g. forklift, dogging, etc.). Candidates are not officially assessed in the prE-Learning™ module as assessors from WorkSafe/WHSQ will still need to assess the candidates during the High Risk Work course training in the classroom.

The online quizzes contained in the prE-Learning™ modules are meant to be taken for practice purposes and aimed to warm up the candidates only. After completing all the modules and quizzes, candidates may download and print their "Evidence of Completion" as proof of their prE-Learning™ module completion.

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