Published On : 02 Apr 2020

Construction workers cannot work from home. They are still required to head out and work on site to keep food on the table, deliver projects on time, and keep the economy going.

Despite this, there are precautions that both construction and other outdoor workers can take to increase their chances to staying virus free.


  1. Beat the Greet
    Avoid physical contact with your work colleagues, friends, and managers on site. Beat the greet every morning. Acknowledge them from a distance.  


  1. Restrict Your Air Space – Create A No-Fly Zone
    Social distancing is easy to do when hanging out with friends and family, but it’s not as easy when working on site. Minimise the amount of time you spend within 1.5 meter of another person. Mentally create a 1.5-meter no-fly zone around yourself. Keep people out of your airspace.


  1. No Touching Allowed
    Need to wipe off the sweat from your face? Keep those hands away! Avoid touching your own face (eyes, nose and mouth). If you absolutely need to do so, first wash your hands thoroughly with soap or an alcohol-based solution. Only touch yourself (your face) with clean hands.


  1. Nobody Likes a Dirty Finger
    Nobody likes a dirty finger. Wash your hands and forearms regularly. Work sites aren’t the cleanest place in the world and after 20 minutes of working in the sun, neither are you. Wash your hands and forearms at least once an hour.


  1. I see you!
    Keep an eye out for others. If you notice someone is unwell, let your employer know and ensure that they are sent home. Sending them home will not only keep you safe, but also help them have a speedy recovery.


  1. Finishing Early isn’t Always Bad
    Feeling different? Head a little heavy, or a runny nose, or a sore throat? Leave work and get medical attention as quickly as possible. As the coronavirus strain evolves and mutates, the symptoms are likely to change as well. Better to be safe rather than sorry.


  1. Let’s Have Some Shots
    When the flu shot comes out this year, get it! You don’t want influenza and the coronavirus at the same time. Ensure you, your family and your work colleagues all get the shot this year.


  1. Keep The Oldies Away For Now
    There are certain groups of people who are more likely to get the worst of the coronavirus. Limit interactions with elderly people and those that have pre-existing medical conditions.


  1. On a More Serious Note
    If you need help or assistance, get it. Get in touch with Lifeline or