Unique Student Identifier (USI)

In 2015 the Australian Government launched Unique Student Identifiers (USI) which will be required by each person who undertake Nationally Recognised Training.

You can still apply for and commence training without having a USI, though one will be required prior to being issued a completion certificate.

If you do not have a USI, Site Skills Training will be happy to assist you and apply for one to the government on your behalf. 

We have provided some more information about Unique Student Identifiers below, and will be happy to assist with any questions you may have.

Alternatively, you can apply for your USI from the government by going to their USI Website.

What is a Unique Student Identifier (USI)?

A USI is a government-issued identification unique for every person, just like a Driver Licence Number.

Your USI will keep your training records and results together in an online account controlled by you

Why do I need a Unique Student Identifier?

The government issued USI will give you online access to your training history.  You can use this training history to produce a comprehensive transcript of your training which can be helpful when applying for a job, seeking Recognition of Prior Learning or demonstrating pre-requisites when undertaking further training.

How much does it cost to get a Unique Student Identifier?

There are no fees or charges associated when applying for and receiving a USI. Do not make any payment to anyone claiming a fee.

Do I need a USI before I do a course with Site Skills Training?

You do not need a USI to apply for or commence training with Site Skills Training, however for accredited training we will be require one to issue a completion certificate. The process is quick and we can assist with this process or apply for one on your behalf while you are training with us.

What courses do I need a USI for?

All students studying nationally recognised training in Australia including a VET course, completing an apprenticeship or traineeship, a skill set or enrolled in a Certificate or Diploma course will require a USI.

A full list of Site Skills Training courses which require a Unique Student Identifier can be seen at the bottom of the page.

Where can I get a USI?

You can apply for a USI on the government USI here, USI Website, or when you commence training with us, Site Skills Training can apply to the government for a USI on your behalf.

Training organisations including Site Skills Training can only apply for a USI on your behalf if we have received your explicit permission.

Who do I need to give my USI to?

The USI will be required by training organisations so they can issue a Statement of Attainment or a qualification.

What can people see with my USI?

People will not be able to access any of your information from your USI, only you can access your personal information including your training record, using the password issued to you with your USI number.

Although training organisations will require your USI number to add a training record, you should not share your password or access to your USI account with other people, even training organisations and employers

How can Site Skills Training apply for a USI on your behalf?

While Site Skills Training can apply for a USI on your behalf it is easier if you apply for it directly at the USI website.

Site Skills Training will need the following information from you to provide to the USI Registrar.

  • Your full name, including middle name(s) as they appear in an identification document;
  • Your date of birth as it appears, if shown, in the chosen document of identity;
  • Your city or town of birth;
  • Your country of birth;
  • Your gender; and
  • Your contact details.

With your consent, Site Skills Training can gather most of this information from your training enrolment form.

To view our Student Privacy Notice used for the USI click here.


Courses which Require a USI

Does not require a USI

Requires a USI

Compressor Station Operations

Certificate IV Frontline Management

Certificate IV Work Health and Safety (WHS)

Gas Facility Operations & Maintenance Statutory Obligations

Diploma of Project Management

Diploma of Work Health and Safety (WHS)

Introduction to Gas Pipeline Engineering

Chainsaw Fall Trees (Intermediate)


Introduction to Gas Transmission Pipeline Operations

Chainsaw Trim and Cut Trees

First Aid

Introduction to the Oil and Gas Industry

Quick Cut Saw

Incident Investigation Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Problem Solving

Metering Station Operations

Certificate I Resources and Infrastructure

Low Voltage Rescue Training (LVR Training)

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) Awareness

Certificate II Civil Construction

MSSS Mine Site Safety Supervisor

Pipelines Gas & Liquid Petroleum for Project Managers

Certificate III Civil Construction Plant Operations

Safety Leadership for Supervisors

Pipelines Gas & Liquid Petroleum for Maintenance Engineers and Professionals

Certificate III Civil Construction

Standard 11

Pipelines Gas & Liquid Petroleum for Onshore Pipeline Engineers

Certificate IV Civil Construction Supervision

Undertake Manual Handling

Hazardous Area Awareness

Install Trench Support

Undertake Root Cause Analysis

High Voltage Awareness

Confined Spaces

White Card

Appointed Persons Section 44

Gas Test Atmosphere

Working at Heights

Asbestos Awareness Training

Operate Breathing Apparatus

ACDC - Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control

Heat and UV Awareness

Work In Accordance with an Issued Permit

Certificate III in Parks and Gardens

HSR - Health and Safety Representative

Gantry Crane (Overhead Crane)

Backhoe Operations

Lock-out Tag-out Procedures

Vehicle Loading Crane (CV)

Dozer (Bulldozer) Operations

Managing Noise & Preventing Hearing Loss

Mobile Slewing Crane (C2)

Excavator Operations

Restricted Asbestos Licence

Mobile Slewing Crane (C6)

Forklift Licence

Risk Management Training

Mobile Slewing Crane (C1)

Front End Loader Operations

IRATA Rope Access Level 1

Mobile Slewing Crane (CO)

Roller Operations

IRATA Rope Access Level 2

Non Slewing Crane (CN)

Skid Steer (Bobcat) Operations

IRATA Rope Access Level 3

Operate Offshore Crane

Telescopic Materials Handler (Telehandler) Operations

Rio Tinto Work Safely at Heights Gap

Tower Crane (CT)

Basic Hydraulics (Hydraulics 1)

Chain of Responsibility (CoR)

Self Erecting Tower Crane (CS)

Type B Gas Appliance Training Course for Authorisation

Driver Fatigue Management

Dogging (DG)

Elevating Work Platform (EWP)


Basic Rigging (RB)

Side Boom Operator


Intermediate Rigging (RI)

Flange Integrity Management Level 1


Advanced Rigging (RA)

Flange Integrity Management Level 2


Certificate III Dogging

Load Restraint


Certificate III Rigging

Operate and maintain a 4WD vehicle


Identify Requirements for Safe Tilt-Up Work

Traffic Control


Certificate II in Gas Supply Industry Operations

Traffic Management Level 2


Certificate II in Process Plant Operations

Basic Scaffolding (SB)


Certificate III in Gas Supply Industry Operations

Intermediate Scaffolding (SI)


Certificate III in Process Plant Operations

Advanced Scaffolding (SA)


Certificate IV in Gas Supply Industry Operations

Restricted Height Scaffolding


Certificate IV in Process Plant Operations

Safe Use of Swing Stage Scaffolds


Diploma of Gas Supply Industry Operations

Safe Erection / Installation of Swing Stage Scaffolds


Diploma of Process Plant Technology

Layher Allround for Experienced Scaffolders


Poly Welding

Certificate III Scaffolding


High Pressure Gas Receipt Facility Safety Competency

EEO for Workers


EEHA - Detailed Inspection



EEHA - Installation, Maintenance and Detailed Inspection



Hazardous Area Refresher


If you have any further questions regarding the USI initiative please visit the USI website or speak with a team member at one of our facilities.