Every second counts when it comes to saving a life!

Published On : 31 Jul 2019


Many enroll to a First Aid course because they are insisted by their employer or it is highly relevant to their job role. Well, it isn’t just another certification you have to have. Have a look at the numbers, tradies make up to 30% of the Australia’s workforce and they represent 58% of workplace injuries. Each day 190 serious incidents are reported. It confirms the need for more safety precautions at the workplace. A First Aid course can therefore have a significant impact on the safety of yourself or your staff. 

Top 4 reasons to enrol to a First Aid course: 

  • Save a Life: A quick response when it comes to a life-threatening injury is vital. Skills you gain from a First Aid course can make the difference between temporary and long-term disability or even life and death. As every second counts when it comes to saving a life. Most importantly, it doesn’t limit to the workplace. The skills acquired through the First Aid course can be applied at home or within the community.
  • Confidence: Accidents happen without notice. It helps you to work cautiously to avoid accidents. First Aid course give you that confidence you need to act appropriately. Having these skills allow you to stand out from others. It will boost your confidence in an emergency. This will make you more confident to react timely and efficiently if an accident occurs.
  • Relief: At a time of an incident it is important that the victim remain calm and relaxed while treating the injury. Knowing you or your staff can kick in and assist someone who is in a life threating situation is a relief. The presence of a well-trained First Aid personnel with the right First Aid skills can help provide care and immediate First Aid response until medical services arrive.
  • Proactive vs Reactive: Many employers are reluctant to enrol their staff to a First Aid course due to its upfront cost. However, when considering the long-term financial impact due to an incident, the proactive measures bring much better financial and productive benefits as compensation claims and absentees are expenses for businesses. Most importantly it helps save lives, which is incomparable to financial or productive benefits.

Site Skills Training offer both First Aid and Advanced First Aid courses based on your requirement. These courses can be completed in 1-2 days which will not require you to be absent from your workplaces for long. These courses can be delivered on-site at Site Skills Training facilities or at the client premises based on the availability of suitable industry training facilities. For more information visit https://www.siteskillstraining.com.au


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