Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) Funding provides support to people working in the construction industry, through a number of subsidised training initiatives.

CSQ Funding aims to attract, develop and retain new entrants, while improving the skills of existing workers. The Short Courses program provides funding to assist with upskilling and cross skilling existing workers in the building and construction industry. Short Courses are individual competencies and skills sets designed to provide flexible solutions to workers wanting to update their skills and knowledge in specific, targeted areas. 


CSQ Funding Benefits 


1) Provides access to a range of subsidised courses - reducing the total amount you have to pay for training. 

2) Assists workers looking to gain new skills to advance their career in the construction industry.

3) Assist construction workers who have been out of employment (for less than 4 years) to update their skills and get back into the industry.


How You Can Access The Funding


1) Confirm you're eligible for CSQ Funding and read the relevant information.

2) Use the search below to find a CSQ funded course, or download our CSQ funded course list

3) Book into one of our Standard Course Dates online.

4) Organise your eligibilty evidence.

5) Wait for our staff to contact you to confirm your; booking, gather eligibility evidence and collect payment for the remaining portion of the course fee.

CSQ Funding Eligibility


CSQ Funding is only available at the Brisbane, Gladstone and Sunshine Coast facilties below.