The industry is constantly changing, are you?

Published On : 03 Sep 2019

Our working environment is constantly changing. From more efficient workflows, to changing industry standards, to the acceptance of technology in our daily work routines, each day is slightly different from the last. As the job changes, we need to change too.

Here are our top tips on staying relevant, no matter what industry you are in.

Know what is happening in your industry

A simple yet effective way of staying relevant is to start reading industry related news articles and blogs. Subscribe to resources that will help you understand where your industry is going and will tell you how to adapt to the new working environment. Learn about technology, legislation within your industry, upcoming projects and opportunities, all by simply spending a few minutes a day.


No matter if you are working on heavy machinery, or as a bricklayer or a plumber, chances are that you interact with a wide variety of people on a daily basis. Build relationships with as many people as possible. This will not only help you better understand trends of what’s happening in the industry as a whole, but will also become a great resource when you are after that next job.

Build your skills

Continue to learn and develop your skills, as the industry changes you need to change too. Ensure you’re not only completing “refresher” courses that keep your qualifications and skills stay up to date, but look to expand your knowledge into new areas, by completing courses that will increase your capacity to work and further your career opportunities. Employers value these elements when moving through their recruitment process, looking for candidates that are proactive in their own professional development.

Keep it local

There are global trends and there are local trends. It is important to know and differentiate both. Know what’s happening globally but focus on what’s happening locally. Match your skills to your local market.


These are just a few tips to get your started. By doing this you could improve your chances of being ready when your industry has its next game changing moment.

Let us know Facebook the step you take to stay relevent in the industry.