Site Skills Training has a number of agreements in place to provide access to subsidised training across a range of courses. These programs ensure the Queensland workforce has the skills to address the demand across the region. Use the enquire button to learn more about the various funding types and how they apply to you or your staff.


Students who are eligible for subsidised training and assessment under the Queensland Government’s Certificate 3 Guarantee program are required to make a financial contribution towards the cost of their program. The following is a schedule of fees per unit of competency, charged by Site Skills Training, based on the status of the student and the method of delivery.

See Certificate 3 Guarantee course co-contributions fees here.



VETiS qualifications funded by the VET investment budget are listed on the Priority Skills List. These qualifications are delivered by RTOs who have been approved by the department as pre-qualified suppliers (PQS) under the Certificate 3 Guarantee. Schools, in consultation with students and their parents, are able to choose any PQS approved to deliver the eligible qualification.

Students undertaking VETiS, funded by the VET Investment budget, can complete one employment stream qualification at the certificate I or II level.

VETiS qualifications on the Priority Skills List are at the certificate I and II level. Students who wish to access the VET investment budget to undertake a certificate III qualification should do so through a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship (SAT)—funding for a SAT is available under the User Choice program.

Other certificate III qualifications may be delivered and funded outside of a SAT pathway, where an Industry Proposal Funding Submission (DOCX, 284 KB) is submitted by an employer or industry body to support local employment opportunities.

For further details on VETiS funded by the VET investment budget and VETiS qualifications, please refer to:



The User Choice 2017-20 program provides a public funding contribution towards the cost of training and assessment services for eligible Queensland apprentices and trainees.

The program aims to provide funding aligned to the skills needs of industry and respond to changing government priorities.

The three-year policy from 1 July 2017 recognises that employment-based training aligned to skills shortages is a critical priority for the Queensland Government.

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Queensland User Choice Funding Details

Code Qualification Approx Nominal
Approx Student Contribution Fee
AHC30616 Certificate III in Production Horticulture 910  $ 1,456.00
BSB30115 Certificate III in Business 420  $    672.00
BSB30415 Certificate III in Business Administration 440  $    704.00
CPC10111 Certificate I in Construction 260  $    416.00
CPC30211 Certificate III in Carpentry 1030  $ 1,648.00
CPC30511 Certificate III in Dogging 400  $    640.00
CPC30711 Certificate III in Rigging 400  $    640.00
CPC30911 Certificate III in Scaffolding 375  $    600.00
MEM20105 Certificate II in Engineering 400  $    640.00
MEM30205 Certificate III in Engineering  - Mechanical Trade 960  $ 1,536.00
MEM30205 Certificate III in Engineering  - Mechanical Trade (Maintenance - Diesel Fitting) 960  $ 1,536.00
MEM30205 Certificate III in Engineering  - Mechanical Trade (Maintenance - Fitting and/or Turning) 960  $ 1,536.00
MEM30205 Certificate III in Engineering  - Mechanical Trade (Machining) 960  $ 1,536.00
MEM30305 Certificate III in Engineering - Fabrication Trade 960  $ 1,536.00
MEM30505 Certificate III in Engineering -Technical 370  $    592.00
MEM40105 Certificate IV in Engineering (Higher Engineering Trade) 1290  $ 2,064.00
PMA20116 Certificate II in Process Plant Operations 530  $    848.00
PMA30116 Certificate III in Process Plant Operations 675  $ 1,080.00
RII21115 Certificate II in Drilling Oil/Gas (On shore) 380  $    608.00
RII32015 Certificate III in Drilling Oil/Gas (On shore)   $       0.00
RII30115 Certificate III in Surface Extraction Operations 340  $    544.00
RII30815 Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations 630  $ 1,008.00
RII30915 Certificate III in Civil Construction (Bridge  Construction and Maintenance) 1100  $ 1,760.00
RII30915 Certificate III in Civil Construction 890  $ 1,424.00
RII32215 Certificate III in Well Servicing Operations 460  $    736.00
SIT30616 Certificate III in Hospitality 310  $    496.00
UEG30114 Certificate III in Gas Supply Industry Operations 974  $ 1,558.40

*Student Contribution Fee (SCF)

SCF exemptions:

  • School-based apprentices and trainees
  • Eligible fee-free Year 12 graduates in selected qualifications
SCF partial exemptions at 40% of the full SCF:
  • Age under 17 and not at school and not completed Year 12
  • Holder or dependent of Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card
  • An Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person as stated in training contract
Additional fees may be charged to the employer based on the agreed level of service provision and delivery model.