Banana Shire to soon host $350 million wind farm

Published On : 02 Sep 2019

Though currently in its feasibility phase, Lacour Energy is hoping to start construction of its wind farm in late 2020. The project is expected to cost $350 million and comprise of 51 wind turbines generating a power output of 180MW.

After two and half years of surveying and testing, they found the banana range to be the ideal location for a few different reasons, including:

- The area has a very high wind resource especially in the night with winds blowing from the east making the top of this north south range extremely windy.

- The location is easily accessible using the Dawson Highway therefore will not require any investment in building roads.

- The power output can be directly connected to the existing power lines running through the area.

The project will employ upwards of 100 people. Lacour Energy are currently accepting expression of interests from local companies and individuals who would like to offer their services. Some of the opportunities will include:

- Plant and equipment hire

- Road construction

- Excavating and earthmoving

- Trenching

- Concrete batching and supply

- Electrical contracting

- Cranage

- Steel fixing

- Logistics

- Electrical works

- Accommodation and food providers

To submit your expression of interest, click here.

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Content sourced from project website and Central Telegraph: