Published On : 13 Jul 2020

Quick Overview:

  • Newman East will fully transition to autonomous trucks by the end of the year.
  • 41 new permanent roles have been created without any redundancies.
  • 300 existing employees are currently undergoing training.



The first of the autonomous trucks have arrived at BHP’s Newman East iron ore mine at Pilbara, Western Australia. By the end of the year, Newman East will be the second BHP mine to fully transition to autonomous trucks.

There are no redundancies and 41 new permanent roles have been created during this transition.

Many of their existing truck drivers have been transitioned into new roles at their control centre and maintenance wings. In total 300 employees are undergoing training and upskilling to accommodate the new trucks.

The 41 new roles will be filled over the coming year as the trucks are delivered to the mines. They will be offered to local and FIFO workers.

The project will also generate $33 million in contracts for local businesses in and around the Pilbara region.


In other news:

  • BHP creates Remotein, Remote-out (RiRo) roles where employees can assist auto electricians and mechanical fitters via mixed reality devices to overcome travel restrictions.
  • Scott Technology has started constructing an automated mine site laboratory at Rio Tinto’s Koodaideri mine.
  • In QLD, BMA announced it will be introducing 34 autonomous trucks to their Daunia coal mine.


With the mining industry changing at unprecedented pace because of COVID and the influx of new technology, are you ready for the jobs of the future?