Site Skills Training recognises that the cost of paying a course upfront can seem overwhelming. To help our students manage this hurdle, a number of our courses are available on a payment plan.  Check out the list of courses with payment plans available here.

How does it work

Students will be required to pay a 25% deposit to secure their position in the course. The remaining balance will be split evenly across weekly instalments that can be set to an amount and duration that suits you.

What is included in the cost

The payment plan only covers the cost of the course and does not include the cost of licences.

Am I eligible

Payment plans are currently available for selected courses at all our facilities.

Any student who meets the requirements to enrol in the course will be eligible for a payment plan.  Students will be required to provide a valid Driver's Licence Number or Medicare Number to verify their identity when applying for the payment plan.

Are there any additional costs

A single $10 Establishment fee will be charged on your first payment.  Each payment will incur a 4% (exclusive of GST) payment processing fee.

When do I get my qualification

Your qualification, statement of attainment and/or certificates will be issued once you have successfully completed the course. Your payment will continue to be processed until the balance has been paid.

Can I cancel my payment plan

Yes: If you cancel your payment plan, the $10 Establishment fee (charged by DebitSuccess) will not be refundable. A $50 cancellation fee (plus standard payment process fee of 4% + GST) will apply if the payment plan is cancelled 7 days or less, prior to the course commencement.

Can I pay off the payment plan earlier

Yes. If you wish to pay off the payment plan earlier, simply contact DebitSuccess on 1800 148 848 to make the final payment

How do I view the balance

To view your outstanding balance, contact DebitSuccess on 1800 148 848 and they will be able to provide you with the full details of your account

What if my details change

If your desired payment method or other information changes after starting your payment plan, simply contact DebitSuccess on 1800 148 848 and they will be able to update your details.

What if my payment is rejected

If your payment is rejected, DebitSuccess will contact you to resolve the payment issue.

What if I am unable to make my payments

Please contact the Debitsuccess customer service centre on 1800 148 848 to discuss your situation with one of Debitsuccess' call centre staff. They will make you aware of your options.

How can I update my account

You can contact the Debitsuccess customer call centre on 1800 148 848 to bring your account up to date in the event of a missed payment. You can also logon to Debitsuccess' website ( ) to complete your payment online, simply click on the pay now button in the top right hand corner of the screen and follow the prompts.

Courses With Payment Plans Listed Below