Published On : 18 May 2020

Civmec has been awarded a significant contract for developing an operational hub at Rio Tinto’s Robe Valley Mine in Western Australia.

The work includes developing three new mining deposits and the supporting infrastructure. Under the contract, Civmec will supply, fabricate, modularise, transport, erect, modify, install and commission structural, mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation and communication work.1

The $165 million contract will create 540 jobs in the coming year.

The first of these jobs will start in the coming weeks. Around 200 people will be required for fabrication work.

Later this year, another 200 people will be required for on-site structural, mechanical, and piping work.

Finally, 100 electricians will be required at the start of next year.

Civmec currently has 27 jobs applications open for various roles including but not limited to Welders, Concrete Workers, Steel Fixers, Carpenters, Boilermakers, Crane Operators, Mechanical Fitters and Advanced Rigger.

Several apprentice roles are also being advertised. For more information on current job openings, click here.

Civmec and Rio Tinto are strategic partners that have previously worked together. Civmec had provided maintenance support across many of Rio Tino’s sites.

“Rio Tinto has always been a good client for us and we have a long history of supporting the safe, high quality and timely delivery of their projects in Western Australia and Queensland,” Civmec chief executive Patrick Tallon said.1

“We are very pleased to have secured this opportunity to partner with them again.”1





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