Site Skills Training (Clark Freeport Zone) is located on the northern Philippines island of Luzon. It is an industry leading 300,000m2 (30Ha) training facility.

Operating since 2009, the Site Skills Training Philippines (Clark Freeport Zone) facility was built on the existing site of the Pilipino Expo and at full capacity can deliver training to several thousand people.

Outside of the facility perimeter are significant areas of land allowing for expansion for the use of full size mining equipment and capacity for simulated mining environments.

Within the Freeport Zone is the Clark International Airport which serves as a hub for Asia and the Pacific. The Philippines government is planning to turn the airport into the primary international terminal for the Philippines as it does not flood.

Also within the Freeport Zone are multiple recreational facilities including several world-class hotels and restaurants, golf courses, casinos, an amusement park and adventure activities.

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