For many, this is going to be their first Australian summer as a tradie

Published On : 30 Oct 2019

It’s almost that time of the year. Longer days, more sunshine and more heat to manage. Summer is just around the corner.

With summer comes a few blisteringly hot days. Days where everyone working outdoors needs to take a few extra precautions. Here are our top tips to stay cool and beat the summer heat.


Listen to the warning signs

Looking out for symptoms and being aware of how your body is acclimatising to the heat is an effective way of knowing if heat exhaustion is just around the corner. Abnormally heavy sweating or not sweating at all, a rapid pulse, on and off dizziness, headaches and muscle cramps are just some of the symptoms you will come across before being in real trouble.  

Being aware is great way of preventing heat related illnesses.



Drink lots of water and electrolytes when working in the sun this summer. The more you sweat, the more water you should drink. This is one of the simplest and most effective preventive measures that you can take.

Caffeinated drinks including energy drinks, pre-workouts and coffees are not water replacements.  

Finally, cut back on the happy hour drinks if you know the next day is going to be a hot one.



Hard work is harder in the heat. In addition to being well hydrated, eating correctly ensures that your body has a stable and constant source of energy. Avoid large and heavy meals as breaking down heavy foods create metabolic heat. On especially hot days, its beneficial to eat multiple small meals that includes leafy green vegetables, nuts and fresh fruits.



An absolute must. Use sunscreen generously. It’s more than simply avoiding sun burns, but also an effective preventative measure to reduce your chances of getting melanoma.

Know workmates that don’t or forget to bring in their sunscreen? Share your own or get the boss to supply a communal tub for the worksite.


Dress for the occasion

Check the weather forecast every morning and dress up appropriately. For summer, invest in lightweight breathable clothes that also provide UPF protection.  If required, get yourself some long sleeve shirts or carry cold/frozen hand towels to work.

Your clothes directly affect your ability to work effectively. Invest in good summer work clothes.


Find shade

Know where your sites resting area is. Ensure it has shade and can be easily accessed. Ensure you take breaks from the sun when possible. A few minutes in the shade helps your body cool down and return to its more natural state.


For many this is going to be their very first Australian summer as a tradie. If you have any additional tips or tricks to beat the summer hear, we want to hear it.

To learn more, check out our online course on better managing hear and UV exposure in Australia and check out the SunSmart website.